Team Outings

The much anticipated team outing. Those special times when you can get together with your work colleagues not to discuss work matters, but to relax, enjoy some good food, and one anothers company in a nice atmosphere. We recently got together to do just that to send off one of our coworkers who was unfortunately leaving our fold for another opportunity. So while our dear Jill will certainly be missed we certainly enjoyed the chance to get together one more time as a team and have some fun.

First things first, Anna Clara brought Jill some flowers from her garden as a going away gift on her last day in the office. I thought that was a very sweet gesture as we all know how much Jill loves flowers, and flowers from the garden always smell so much nicer than ones from the florist.

Then the next week we all met at Earls to share some good food and good conversation. Here’s Joan, Jill and Cindy.

Joelle and Anna Clara looking adorable with their menus.

Jerret (saying he doesn’t like pictures!), Dave and John representing¬† the male contingent of our team.

Jerret was somewhat concerned about Anna’s tuna tacos.

Joelle explained to him that fish is good on a variety of dishes. Jerret didn’t seem convinced. Anna didn’t want me to take her picture with a mouth full of food… oh look, my manhattan!

Here’s Jill posing cutely with her food. Cindy was having none of that, I think she was too busy explaining something about gardening.

Group picture Рhooray! I like how those of us in the back some how got a memo about wearing blues and purples Рthat was pretty keen of us. So these are the people I work with. To be honest, I really work with about 350 people, but this is my team and they are pretty fantastic Рthanks for making coming to work a positive adjective instead of a negative one.  And what about you, what do you do with your coworkers for fun?

2 thoughts on “Team Outings

    • To be honest it wasn’t as strong as I would have liked but they never are in the restaurants, I think they must skimp on the bitters and leave them in the ice too long so it gets that sort of watered down taste and to be fair I am probably a little more liberal with my pouring at home – so it’s probably a combination of things ;) and I am guessing the average person probably wouldn’t like them as strong as I do anyways so it was ok. And yes we had a lovely time :)

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