Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

The last Wednesday in June this year they decided to have my middle sister Jodi’s  grad. Why on a Wednesday I asked? I guess that’s just how final exams fell and if they left it until the Friday it would have been too close to the  July long weekend. Of course when I graduated we did grad well in advance of final exams which I also thought was sort of funny, so I guess they’ve done away with that. So Tuesday morning bright and early my dad set out for Saskatoon because he said he wanted to come pick me up, do some shopping and then come back home thus saving me the drive down there and then they were taking a trip to Flin Flon which would take them right by Saskatoon so they could drop me off on the way, so we were set.

It was a great weekend overall. I was joined by my aunt Anita and my cousin’s son Dylan and that evening everyone caught up and went over the details of what the plans were for the next day. Between my mom, my aunt, my mom’s coworker who she’d commissioned for taking some pictures, and myself – we ended up with a lot of pictures! We all shared them and I have uploaded my favourites to my Flickr account. I will put a few up on this post and the 324 on Flickr will be included in a slide show at the end.

Jodi has never been a morning person so when our mom asked me to make sure she got up (since she went out to their camper to sleep with my aunt and Dylan since we had so many extra bodies) I made Jodi the deal that if she didn’t wake up I would karate chop her and that if that didn’t work I would throw dogs on her (what else are sisters for?). I got up around 8:30 and she was already awake, no karate chopping necessary, I might have put Sophie on her for good measure though. This is what her hair looked like when she came back from the salon, and then I did her make up for her. I also did my aunt’s make up. I did 3 sets of make up that day – it was quite the day!

Jodi is heading off to Finland to do a one year cultural exchange with Rotary and she has all of the Canadian provincial flags to take with her. Here she was being a bit silly. Notice that red petticoat? I have the same one – it’s from Modcloth and it’s just amazing, it can make a regular dress into a super fun dress – so it makes a grad dress even more fantastic if that is even possible.

Here’s my mom looking extra adorable, in a dress I picked out for here last time she came to visit me, helping Jodi get her dress all ready. The dress was originally just a white with black over lay which was pretty on it’s own but she really jazzed it up with the petticoat, a red sash, red flower, and she even added some tiny rhinestone accents – it’s quite gorgeous and very her.

Mom also helped Jodi’s boyfriend Joe with his boutonnière because Jodi didn’t want to “stab” him. Those of us in the peanut gallery said that the object was to pin the shirt not the person, I don’t think that helped his nerves at all. My mom knew what she was doing luckily.

Next we were off to the Court House for pictures. First they do a few big group shots and then they break off into smaller groups. It was such a great day for pictures, and just look at all of those gorgeous dresses!

I think this is easily one of my favourite pictures from the Court House, it’s my dad and sister – “Hey Bud where’s your tie?” “Oh, it’s right here” so silly.

Next we walked down to the theatre which was not only a good photo op because they changed the marquee to read congrats to the grads (it’s not just a retro looking marquee – the theatre was built in 1912 if I am remembering my history correctly) my sister has also worked there for several years. I adore this pose, it was my idea – I am always running around the apartment doing it – but some how in front of a marquee it seems more appropriate.

I also really enjoy the way this one turned out. I captioned it “Looking to the future!” on Flickr because I think it does look sort of like they are looking to the future – it’s a very fun exciting picture – very whimsical.

Next we were off to Jodi’s boss/our former dog groomer’s property for some family photos. I feel this hilarious although very easy to take out of context as just wrong photograph needs some explaining. Dylan, my cousin Dale’s son, was telling me about some books he had read and really enjoyed the night before. One of these books was called “Hatchet” and it was the story about this guy whose father had left him a hatchet and then he ended up using the hatchet to survive in the wilderness when his plane crashed. My dad had cut in and said too bad his dad didn’t leave him a cell phone.. but I guess it’s good he didn’t leave him a pillow! So of course the next day when my dad saw a hatchet he had to pose for a new book cover, he immediately picked it up and said “Hey Dylan, it’s hatchet!”.

Not to single my dad out – do any of you remember back to my zoo post where Brittany was trying to pet the geese? Well Jocelyn had a fake goose so I told Brittany that she could pet this goose, I had to take pictures of course.

If any of you are beginning to suspect that we aren’t a normal family, you are correct – but we like to have fun. Doesn’t Aunty Anita look like she’s having fun here?

Waldo Jr. here especially likes to have fun.

Sometimes we can hold it together for an entire family photograph.

Sometimes not so much.

There, that’s better – we sure do like trees.

Oh thank goodness for Dylan and Brittany – this blog post was almost getting serious for a moment there.

After all of that fun in the sun it was pretty much time for the grad ceremony. Brittany used her mad cosmetology skills to pin Jodi’s grad cap on to her grad hair do and then it was time to go.

Here’s Jodi and Morgan looking sharp in their cap and gown outfits – I call this look “Blue Cheese” hehe.

They picked lime green, purple, and silver for a colour scheme for grad which is a change from what I swear every grad ever has used at that school which seems to be blue, silver and I don’t even know all I swear I have ever seen at a grad has been blue and silver – so lime green and purple were a big shock – but ok! Way to break the blue and silver monotony.

Here she is, diploma in hand, grad picture and baby picture on screen, having just flipped her tassle, all graduated – hooray!

While the grads went back home to change back into their dresses we stayed at the arena and had a light lunch – we discovered that the penalty box was a nice place to sit and eat. We also discovered it was a good place to take funny pictures.

Joe and Jodi stopped on their way back in to take a funny picture of their own. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on here – it some sort of sculpture. Is it trying to say the children are our future, or always wear sunscreen?

Before going on the grand march the grads go on stage and the principal gives them a rose. I thought in this picture it looked like Mr.Little was giving Jodi some care tips for her rose.

And here is the grand march – it’s a little fuzzy but then again most of the pictures from it were. It was like an amazing dress and suit parade, there are more pictures in the slide show if you like to watch dress parades – not all of the dresses are blurry.

And this is literally the last picture my camera took before it said battery exhausted – good night! That’s one thing about my Nikon, it really doesn’t warn me the way my Sonys used to, to which one could reply why don’t you have a spare battery? Well I guess I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing one yet and I should really get around to doing that. My aunt brought up the point that she just carries an extra camera even, which I could do – my last Sony still technically works – I just got mad at it because it was performing poorly in low light conditions and was about 5 years old any ways but it would do in a pinch. Anyways – I am so glad that it did still take this picture before the battery died because the look on her face is just priceless. I got many other pictures of them dancing together that are great that I also treasure, but I enjoy this one especially.

So that was grad. It was a fun filled day of photography, dresses, and a little bit of food so really I couldn’t complain – those are a few of my favourite things. I got to see one of my little sisters take another step in growing up. I know it’s cliche, but I still remember when she came home from the hospital as a new born baby and now she is a high school graduate with exciting plans of world travel followed with university, it makes me very proud and excited for her. Best of luck Jodi! We all love you very much!!!

6 thoughts on “Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

  1. Sure you sister will enjoy Finland, I know that Rotary in both Norge, Denmark and Finland do a great job to make these visits be good successes and great experiences for their guests – often exciting experiences for lifetime – lovely photos – congratulations on your sister… ;-)

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