Farewell to Winter

This has certainly been a very odd winter, but tomorrow is the spring equinox so I decided that it would be lovely to post some of the photographs I’ve taken over this past winter to “bid it adieu” as it were, although we live in Saskatchewan so I am sure many will be quick to remind me that winter isn’t likely ‘really’ over yet, just technically, but I figured now is as good of a time as any to share a few wintery fun photos with you all.

You might remember this picture from the end of my fall photos post – this was from our first snowfall of the year that happened in November. I was sure it was going to look like this from then until sometime in April, but it sure melted away quickly. We had a very mild and rather snow free winter, at worst it was just sort of icy at times because of the unseasonable warmth followed by freezing over night.

Here is a picture from December that I took at the Murch farm when we were there for Christmas. At the time we had no snow at all back in the city and really there isn’t much snow here for the time of the year, but we were ok with the little bit that had fallen.

As you may recall from my Christmas post, it was just enough snow to make snowmen!

And a nice coat of snow does make everything look pretty! I can’t argue with that – my only problem is that it, and more so the ice it seems to create, sure makes things slippery for driving (it did on our way home, half melting/half frozen highways are not my idea of a good time – I don’t think they are many people’s ideas of a good time). So much so that I haven’t really driven at all this winter. In some respects it’s unfortunate because I adore my car and I feel terrible about it; having to rely on others  and not being able to step up and say “I’ll drive this time!” I just feel rotten. In other ways, I’ve been so lucky; living so close to my job that I can just walk or take a quick bus ride. But it’s not all bad, there is a plan in place to work on things – with spring on the way I am going to get back into driving and when winter comes again I am will be ready, perhaps with winter tires being part of the equation!

Back in the city we got a light dusting of snow at the end of December. Nothing major that stayed around but I had to catch the amazing neon pink sunrise from our balcony Winking smile

Most of January was spring like with the odd cold snap that would only last a few days, then one day in February this happened, and I was compelled to take some pictures. It was gorgeous temperature wise – but it also just LOOKED beautiful.

I also look a picture of this street in the autumn, it’s just so beautiful in every season.

They had ice sculptures at the farmer’s market, so that’s sort of fun! I have a few more pictures in my Flickr album February 2012 if you are interested in seeing more of those.

This picture just makes me love this city so much – even though I am afraid our mayor is a little touched in the head some days. This is a picture of the Victoria bridge, it is a bridge that is now unusable because it is a) really old and b) was not properly maintained. A few years ago our city decided to spend over a million dollars putting these stupid little lights on it – this was back when the bridge was still usable of course. I don’t know anyone in the city who actually likes these lights, the only people I’ve heard who’ve said ‘oh those are nice lights’, are people from out of town. So, people were really mad at the mayor for spending so much money on ‘those stupid lights’ and then not long after those lights were installed it was decided the bridge was no longer safe for use and now they will be tearing it down and rebuilding a replica bridge (because it’s a landmark and we all cried that they couldn’t just get rid of it because we love our Victoria bridge). But the really annoying thing is if they would have just taken the money the spent on the lights that no one likes, to fix the bridge in the first place maybe we wouldn’t have to do this? Oh, and we can’t put the lights on the new bridge for some inane reason. But getting back to why this picture makes me love this city – when I look at it, and the lovely river, the bridge stretching across it, it just makes me feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I was on my way to downtown, I was walking by myself, and that was a thing I could actually do, safely! And I enjoy that about my city, yes it is great to live here, I do love it – touched in the head mayor and all.

So I hope you enjoyed my review of winter photos and that even though we were severely spoiled with a mild winter this year, that not too much wintery weather spills over into spring Winking smile

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