Coleman & Kyla’s Wedding

Last weekend I had the privilege and honour of attending the wedding of my boyfriend’s cousin. It was a wonderful weekend spent visiting with his family and meeting new people that I thoroughly enjoyed. The weather cooperated, a lot of good food and drink were consumed, and many pictures were taken. By the end of the weekend two lovely people who I happen to think are pretty neat were married and I think we all had a good time. We started the weekend with a bbq, because I figure you need fuel for these things.

Here we have several of the family members including the groom about to finally have a burger himself (he had been grilling up burgers for the rest of us all night). For some reason everyone looks very deep in thought. They were very good burgers I guess – the kind that make you look back on your life Winking smile

After the bbq we went and met up with the rest of the family at the Radisson hotel. They had booked suites on the 19th floor so I got some nice shots of the amazing view from up there. It’s just incredible!

Crystal had been up there all day already working on the wedding cake. What is it about children and cake any ways? They see it and there is that almost immediate reaction of “must touch!!!” luckily it only looks like they touched it,  they actually didn’t Winking smile

Here Felicity found a better past time than trying to touch the cake, she was trying to make carpet angels for Shawn’s mom Sandra Smile they are sort of like snow angels except on the carpet.

Then there was Shawn’s Uncle Keith (Coleman’s dad)  offering us all a very nice scotch to try and I’m not normally a scotch drinker but he was right, it was a very nice scotch!  Sandra was also impressed with the view and taking photographs – like I said, it was just amazing from up there.

Felicity posing with the in progress wedding cake.

I adore this picture of Coleman and Grandma Murch, even if it’s a little fuzzy and she’s not looking – just because they both look so happy, it’s so genuine and she just looks so proud of him. It’s one of those really pure moments that you couldn’t replicate if you tried.

Crystal still hard at work on the wedding cake. She started before noon I believe she said and as you can see out the window it is now dark out. All I was doing was enjoying my tasty drink (now of whiskey, finished the nice scotch that Uncle Keith gave me)  cheering her on, taking pictures as she went, and enjoying the show as if it were a real life episode of  “The Cake Boss” – yes that is real fondant. She made all of those roses by hand and she said she’s not even been doing this for very long but I think she’s quite talented, and one really has to appreciate how much work had to go into that – it’s really amazing!

A nice group shot of the socializing before things started to get terribly lively – people were still being pretty sedate at this point. We left shortly after this because we have this weird fixation with sleeping, I know – strange Winking smile

The next day we got to the church early so I started off by taking pictures, beginning with Shawn and I then worked my way out from there. I had to get him to take this one though because I’m short.. well short for a tall person, yes we’ll go with that one.

I am such a sucker for stained glass and they got married in that United church just off Broadway (as opposed to the one right on Broadway which is the one I originally thought they were getting married at – so many United churches in the Broadway area, who knew?) and it’s filled with stained glass so I was psyched! I liked this one a lot with the cute little flowers – I thought they were thistles at first but maybe I was just being hopeful because now I am thinking maybe they are not. You just don’t see thistles enough in stained glass – why must they hate the Irish so much?! Just kidding.

I also adored this chandelier – leave it up to a fancy church to have nice lighting fixtures. This is just great, I had to go upstairs to notice it and get the nice picture but it’s just gorgeous.

This was another thing I just went crazy over, pews! You just never see pews in a church any more but I love how they look, especially that rich wood and when they are all shined up, just gorgeous. How classy do a bunch of stacking chairs look? The answer: not very. But pews? Amazing!

I thought Sailor Dan would really like this particular stained glass piece, and since it’s in the Broadway area maybe he’s seen it? Maybe he goes to this church? I mean I don’t know – I just saw this and was like wow.. that’s actually pretty cool I really have to take a picture of it. That happens to me a lot if you have seen my Flickr photo stream you might have noticed a trend. Moving on..

Coleman’s parents played them in which I thought was just phenomenal – actually the minute I saw the grand piano and the upright bass I got a little hysterical inside my head, so beautiful!!!

His sister Jacenta joined them in song, including one song she even wrote especially just for them, so touching!

This is another one of those I know this is fuzzy but there is a story behind it! That story is that eventually Felicity made the groom’s man on the end hold her bouquet for pretty much the entire ceremony, it was just one of those moments. I don’t know what she’s doing here, I guess she’s just showing it to Chris? I guess she thought that Calvin should have a bouquet to hold like the bridesmaids too, or she just didn’t want to hold it any more and thought he’d do a good job of looking after it – either way it was pretty special Winking smile

Now the documents are signed and everyone looks pretty proud and adorable!

They had the coolest queen and king, I mean bride and groom chairs Winking smile at the reception. Here they are with the rest of the bridal party – Jacenta is hiding behind some flowers very sneakily.

The guys look really unsure about whatever is about to go down here and really I’m not even sure how to caption this picture to be honest. Perhaps Kyla is about to participate in the Pepsi taste challenge and they are too afraid to participate? Those chickens Winking smile or you could watch the slide show below/go to this part in my Flickr feed and try to figure it out for yourself but I thought that made for a pretty good story.

It’s time to play the newly wed game, where you try to guess how your partner will answer a series of incriminating questions. Fun for the whole family (who you know, are there watching this… and the questions are sometimes about them too, yey!!!!) Open-mouthed smile

“Let’s go fishing” is always a good answer I suppose Coleman, even if it’s not someone’s name… tehe!

Gotta love work trucks that double as wedding vehicles.

First dance: more family played music – that is his grandpa on saxophone.  I think that’s just amazing, excellent, wonderful, and awe inspiring and any other positive adjective you can think of. So sweet, just look at everyone Smile

The cake cutting – with one of the most interesting approaches to feeding each other cake I have ever seen, but it worked! I fully approve of any method that doesn’t result in each other getting cake all over each other’s faces, there are more pictures in the slide show/Flickr feed. This is where I think I will end it – but I will put the slide show so you can see all 110 from the whole weekend. I can’t thank everyone enough for including me in such a fantastic weekend – I truly did have a wonderful time and can’t wait to see everyone again, and best wishes to Coleman, Kyla and Felicity on their new life together.

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